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Sales & Customer Service

Mastering the Sales Process

This program is aimed at transforming your sales force into true professionals who are prepped and ready for any challenge. The steps of the sales cycle will be explored in detail, providing techniques to carry the team from preparing for the sales interaction all the way through closing the sale. (2 Day)


Sales Management Responsibilities

In this course, you will explore the variety of roles you need to embrace as a good sales manager, evaluate your own team members and their strengths, and learn to more effectively coach your sales agents towards optimal performance. (2 Day) 


Extraordinary Customer Service

Good customer service is vital for any business, especially in a competitive environment. The quality of customer service you provide plays a significant role in your organization’s success. In this course, you will begin to better understand your customers, learn techniques for top-notch service, and construct a plan for improving your service that can be immediately implemented. (2 Day) 


Selling Essentials: Developing Clients for Life

Keeping customers satisfied, feeling appreciated, and willing to make a referral or return sale requires expertise. In this course, discover how the elements of service excellence can help you to set standards for yourself and your company. Learn techniques to turn negatives into positives and deal with difficult customer demands with skill. (2 Day)


Selling Essentials: Coaching for Performance

Coaching is a fundamental skill that can help salespeople to reach their potential, retain your organization’s top talent, and multiply sales. Coaching for Performance targets the skills sales managers need to be effective coaches throughout the selling process, from high-level planning in the early stages to tactical decision making later in the cycle. (1/2 Day) 


Selling Essentials: Understanding the Sales Cycle

Understanding the Sales Cycle is the first title in a series of in-depth learning experiences aimed at transforming your sales force into true professionals who are prepped and ready for any challenge. This title starts with self-reflection and measurement and then shifts the focus to an exploration of customer-focused selling and decision-making patterns. (1/2 Day) 


Successful Selling Skills

Successful sales don't just happen; they require a combination of technical and people skills that allow you to understand your customer's true expectations and position your products and services to meet them. This results-oriented program shows you how to integrate customer focus throughout the sales process by learning to apply a consultative system of selling. By understanding specific customer needs, crafting a well-tailored solution, and sharpening your communication skills to present concepts, identify opportunities, and overcome objections, you can successfully close more sales and create stronger customer relationships. (1/2 Day)


What Customers Really Want

What is extraordinary customer service? We have all experienced it and, most likely remembered it. In this course participants will explore the concepts and benefits of superb customer service. Individuals will learn ways of building positive rapport with various types of customers and then apply those skills in activities and exercises throughout the course. They will dive deeper into workplace communication by examining the do's and don'ts of technology, and how to use these advances to further their customer alliances. (1 Day) 


Customer Service over the Phone

In today's competitive environment, customer service is often the key that sets a successful company apart from others. This program ensures that your customer interactions will result in satisfied, happy customers by providing skills to manage all types of customer calls and situations. (1/2 Day) 


Getting to Yes: Successful Sales Negotiation

The difference between selling and negotiating can be the difference between winning and losing the sale. While selling requires persuasiveness, negotiation is principally about problem solving, and developing creative solutions to challenges. Learn to identify negotiation styles in yourself and others, and how to use negotiation during the sales process to get to yes. Through skill building exercises and role play, you will learn how to plan and conduct effective negotiations, to respond to difficult questions and obstacles, and finally, close the deal. (1/2 Day)


Sales over the Phone

You might think that what makes a sales superstar is all about the perfect opening line or closing pitch. However, becoming a sales superstar requires more than that. This program gives you a helpful structure for each day that allows you to set goals and get organized to keep you motivated. You'll also learn how to gain trust over the phone, find more and better leads and follow up on them more effectively, use a script that doesn't sound scripted, and use your voice to enhance each and every call. (1/2 Day) 


Sales Presentation Skills

The sales presentation is one of the most critical parts of the sales process. How well the sales person can communicate the value they have to offer, based on their prospect’s most important needs, will determine whether or not they win or lose the business. Our objective for this sales presentation skills course will be for each of your sales people to significantly improve their abilities to design and deliver captivating sales presentations. They will also gain measurable and impressive growth in their abilities to present effectively and confidently in front of small to large groups. (1 Day)


Selling Essentials: Opening the Sales Call

With the proper knowledge and preparation, your salespeople can establish themselves as experts, think on their feet, adapt to client expectations, and capture lifetime clients. Selling Essentials: Opening the Sales Call is all about learning how to make a great first impression, set a positive tone, and beat the competition. Ten seconds or less, that’s how long the window of opportunity is open for your salespeople to grab a client’s attention. And that’s why it’s vitally important to arm them with the tools that enable them to be confident, sincere, engaging, and successful—before schedule their next face-to-face sales call equip them with the tools for success. (1/2 Day) 


Selling Essentials: Presenting Solutions, Overcoming Objectives

It’s true, preparation is essential, especially when it comes to selling. Successful salespeople know it. From mastering product knowledge to understanding what the client wants and figuring out how to clinch the sale, they always do their homework. But knowing what to prepare—and how to prepare—can’t be left to trial and error. That’s because developing the ability to see through the client’s eyes, pinpoint their needs, think outside of the box, and deliver a convincing presentation takes time, training, practice, and then more practice. Presenting Solutions, Overcoming Objections, and Closing the Sale, prepares your sales force to approach each sales call with the skill, confidence, and know-how to achieve results. (1/2 Day)


Selling Essentials: Prospecting and Territory Management

Prospecting is the vital first step in the sales cycle, and the key to success is preparation, practice, and confidence. Selling Essentials: Prospecting and Territory Management focuses on territory management, business development, and making contacts, and gives salespeople at all levels the foundation and confidence they need to tackle prospecting, maintain a healthy pipeline, and grow their business. (1/2 Day)


Selling Essentials: What to Ask and How to Listen

Before your salespeople get in front of one more customer give them the skills that will help them to advance the relationship toward closing the sale. What to Ask & How to Listen focuses specifically on how to improve communication skills, uncover client needs, and maximize business discussions through active listening and asking meaningful, open-ended questions. (1/2 Day)