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Management & Leadership

Leadership 101

This course provides leaders at all levels the skills they need to put leadership building blocks into place, adapt the language of influence, and improve organizational performance. (1/2 Day)


Leading Through Change

Change management is the art and science of guiding an organization and its people through the predictable transitions from current reality to a preferred future position. In this program you will identify different reactions to change and learn how to help employees through the change. (1 Day) 


Secrets to Management Success

This program offers skills and tools to help managers develop responsible employees, decrease struggles and conflict, encourage accountable moments as learning opportunities, and provide appropriate workplace counseling when needed. (1 Day) 


The Art of Successful Coaching

This program provides the tools and techniques to increase any employee’s performance by helping you determine the appropriate coaching approach, implement a comprehensive development plan, conduct an effective coaching session, and set meaningful team missions and goals. (1 Day) 


Performance Management

In this course, you will learn the skills to effectively assess the performance of your reports, “set the bar” for performance standards, and develop the process and practices to provide ongoing feedback that improves performance. (1 Day)


Motivating Employees to be Their Best

This program is not about traditional extrinsic motivation techniques such as rewards, incentives, or salary, but rather about helping managers and supervisors create the appropriate climate that fosters positive feelings and eliminates obstacles so that employees will be intrinsically motivated. (1 Day) 


Managing Teams

This program gives you the tools to help ensure that your team runs efficiently while maintaining a high level of motivation and satisfaction among individual team members. You will learn to develop and use a project plan, establish accountability among team members, help the team make good decisions, handle conflict productively, and reward team accomplishments appropriately. (1 Day) 


Dynamic Decision Making

Our decisions and choices shape our professional and personal lives. This course offers a straightforward, easy-to-follow process designed to improve the way you make business decisions or any decision that can help you reach your goal. (1 Day)


Delegating for Growth

This is an interactive skills training course that will help any manager to better understand the purpose of delegation, prepare for and apply the steps to delegating effectively, and learn to recover from inevitable mistakes or disappointments. (1/2 Day) 


Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

This program offers you techniques to develop your emotional intelligence, increasing your empathy for others, helping you express feelings directly but appropriately, and developing a greater capacity for meaningful relationships. (1 Day)


Adapting Your Styles

As most experienced leaders know, no two people are the same, and what works for one employee (in terms of communicating, motivating, giving feedback, etc.) doesn't have the same results for another. Understanding and speaking to different styles will make you a more effective leader. In this program you will assess your personal leadership style and apply and practice tools for building connections with employees, running productive meetings and enhancing employee motivation. (1/2 Day) 


Coaching Conversations

This course is designed to build upon the concepts learned in The Art of Successful Coaching. If participants have completed that course, the discussion of coaching techniques and tools can be covered as a review and more time can be spent on the conversations - allowing more than one student to practice the skills. The course was also designed to work as a stand-alone program, in which case more time can be spent on the techniques and tools, with the conversations being used to demonstrate them. (1/2 Day) 


Developing Your Direct Reports

Annual performance appraisals aren’t enough to give employees a solid foundation for success. What’s needed is development coaching and a strengths-based development plan that’s aimed at future performance and long-term goals. This program shows managers how to establish this framework, set milestones, measure outcomes, and foster growth. (1/2 Day)


First Time Manager

Being promoted is great news! However, it can present major challenges to people being recognized for their expertise and technical know-how. Management is a completely different skill set than any job leading up to the position of manager. In this course, learn the necessary skills to thrive in this transition. We’ll cover effective delegation, coaching employees, strategic planning, developing trust, and why personal development is critical to success. (1 Day) 


Leading Today’s Workforce

Being a manager and being an effective leader are very different skill sets. This course will help you learn what the biggest differences are between managers and leaders, how to put the leadership building blocks into place and how to adapt the language of influence. (1 Day) 


Systems Thinking for Managers

From production and marketing to customer service and fulfillment, organizations are made up of a series of interconnected parts. And while each function may operate efficiently on its own, a change in just one cog can throw the whole system out of whack. Get your problem-solving approach in gear with Systems Thinking for Managers, the program that helps your organization find optimal solutions to its complex problems once and for all. (1/2 Day)


Communication Skills for Emerging Leaders

Today's leaders need to be able to establish good lines of communication quickly and effectively. This course allows participants to assess their communication style based on the Personal Style Inventory. They will use this knowledge to identify their audience, decide the most appropriate communication approach and practice communication skills needed for powerful and effective leadership. (1 Day) 


Managing Managers

If you're typical of most mid-level managers (and of most people!), you would just as soon ignore sticky situations such as dealing with difficult people. In fact, you may even back away. Managing managers takes courage, and in this course we give you a simple, but effective two-pronged approach focusing on developing your business strategy, while also improving your leadership skills. (1 Day) 


Supervising in an Automated Environment

Today's work environment often includes high-tech oversight with traditional supervision skills. Both can be very time consuming. This course provides strategies for balancing computer-based documentation and reporting with the face-to-face coaching and encouragement your employees need to do their best work. You will learn how to establish a regular schedule that combines both open door hours for your employees and colleagues and closed door hours for concentrating on your computer work. As a result, you will maintain visibility and relationships while ensuring the highest quality of your technical oversight work. (1/2 Day)


Supervisor Communication Skills

Communication is a complex set of behaviors and interactions that involves both giving and receiving a plethora of information. In this course you will learn the importance of assertive speaking; asking directly for what you need from others without being aggressive. You will discover techniques for holding others accountable while also create and practice the art of equitable compromise. (1 Day) 


Toughest Supervisor Challenges and How to Overcome Them

When dealing with issues such as employee performance, personality clashes, and conflict, the truth is that there are no quick fixes. Successful supervisors know it takes time to do what’s best for the long-term success of the organization, its employees, and even themselves. They also know that they can overcome just about any challenge by exercising the “three keys”: realism, restraint, and resolve. The Toughest Supervisor Challenges gives both new and experienced managers the supervisory skills, tools, and techniques they need to evaluate the situation at hand and choose the appropriate response. (1/2 Day) 


Project Management

This one-day program is the most practical and comprehensive introduction to the many facets of project management. From planning to scheduling, budgeting to risk management, it's all right here. Learn what it takes to stay on top of deadlines and expenses and ways to rebound quickly from surprises and setbacks. But most importantly, gain advanced communications skills to get ideas, instructions and requests across quickly and accurately. (1 Day)


Real-World Project Management

Project management is getting more complex as organizations are keeping a close eye on schedules and budgets in order to maintain productivity and profitability. This 2-day course covers the steps of project management from definition and planning to implementation, monitoring, completion and evaluation. You will be able to complete a thorough and accurate project plan including task identification, scheduling and budgeting; monitor the key project issues of schedule, budget and performance deliverables; and develop appropriate responses to potential problems. After the project is completed, you will deliver clear and effective reports that include a formal evaluation of the project. (2 Day)