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Human Resources Effectiveness

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Human Resources Effectiveness

Competency-Based Behavioral Interviewing

Utilizing a competency-based interview process, your organization can more effectively assess how a candidate will perform in a specific position and helps you place the right people into the right jobs. This course helps you prepare for and conduct a competency-based interview and provides the opportunity to practice and fine-tune your interviewing skills. (1 Day)


Positive Approaches to Resolving Performance Problems

This course will increase your knowledge and ability to define and identify problem employees or non-performers, assess and confront problem behaviors before more drastic measures need to be taken, develop and communicate standards that will ensure high quality performance, and carry out disciplinary sessions that work for both you and your employees. (1/2 Day) 


Retention: Attracting & Keeping Your Best

This program offers you methods and procedures that will attract and keep the best employees and also allow you to measure and communicate the benefits and costs of a retention strategy for your organization. (1 Day) 


Career Planning & Development

To continually develop your workforce and help retain your best employees, it’s important to create a meaningful career development plan for each individual. In this program you will conduct the activities and assessments needed to plan your own career, giving you all the skills and tools to apply these to your employees after the program. (1/2 Day) 


Behavioral Interviewing

This behavioral interviewing program is a dynamic course that gives you the skills to make the best hiring decisions - and avoid costly blunders. You will learn competency-based behavioral interviewing; using the accepted opinion that past and present behavior is the best forecaster of future performance. Whether you've performed interviews in the past or you are new to the interviewing world, this program will give you knowledge and tools to use immediately in your next interview. (1/2 Day)


Interviewing & Hiring

Hiring quality employees is one of the most critical tasks in any organization. The basis of effective interviewing is asking the right questions. Let's face it. If you ask candidates hypothetical questions you will get hypothetical answers. In this program you will learn the art of interviewing systematically so that you are getting the information that is most critical for job performance. Identify competencies associated with the job, conduct interviews and practice evaluating and recruiting candidates in this highly interactive curriculum. (1 Day)