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Executive Development

Effective Negotiation Skills

As a leader, you spend a good part of your day negotiating with people inside and outside your organization. In this course, you will learn the basic types of negotiation, learn how to apply a structured process that encourages creative resolutions, and develop the skills that can lead you to achieving the intended result. (1 Day)


Fundamentals of Strategic Planning

Strategic thinking has become necessary for both short- and long-term success. This program identifies the elements of an effective strategic planning model, gives you the tools to discover your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats when setting a strategic vision, and helps you avoid common pitfalls that derail strategic plans. (1 Day)


Succession Planning

This program shows you how to conduct a gap analysis to identify succession needs, create a pipeline of potential top leadership and bring selection systems, reward systems and management development into alignment with the process of leadership renewal. (1 Day)


Creative Problem Solving

Creative problem solving is a valuable skill for today's fast-changing world. The concept of "innovation" and how it relates to the bottom line will also be emphasized. An innovative mindset not only identifies and evaluates great ideas for the marketplace; it also focuses on solving customer problems. (1 Day)


Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is a skill that can help your organization find smart solutions to tricky problems, avoid emotional thinking and mistakes, and work together more efficiently. Critical Thinking Skills is a training program that provides individuals with tips, techniques, and thought exercises that develop critical thinking skills. (1/2 day) 


Mental Models: Making Realty-Based Decisions

Mental models are the driving force behind individuals, teams, and even organizations. Built from everyday experiences, outside influences, and rewarded behavior, they’re the fundamental assumptions and perceptions that guide thinking, provide understanding, and direct decision making. Mental Models: The Key to Making Reality-Based Decisions shows the people in your organization how to assess, examine, and adjust their mental models to minimize mistakes and improve performance. (1/2 Day) 


How to Handle Change and Upheaval

Change is a certainty in today's environment. The key to surviving and thriving is to take a proactive approach to change. This program provides the tools to assess typical attitudes toward change, intervene in the change cycle with positive strategies, and combat change-related stress. (1/2 Day)