Corporate Development Center
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About Us

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Our primary goal is to assist our clients in achieving their vision of the future.


About Us

The Corporate Development Center is a company of Paradigm Group Consultants focused on organizational training and professional development. Our goal is to enhance the performance of your organizations’ human capital and improve the skills of each individual.

CDC eLearning Programs provide a broad library of training tools that are designed to support organizational  goals and development. Topics are business related and relevant to the current issues that often impact organizations when policies are unclear  or vague.

At the core of what makes our products and services work for our clients is our integrated, reality-based approach to consulting. Our real-world, time-tested methods allow our clients to fully understand and address issues that block their ability to achieve their full potential. We facilitate powerful, positive, organizational and individual change, which enables our clients to achieve breakthrough results in a minimal amount of time.

In order for a company to capture or maintain a competitive edge within its industry, it can no longer only rely on technology and process-based improvements alone. The company must look to its most valuable resource – its people. Clients who have used our services to help them examine and fully tap into the inter-personal dynamics in their organization have realized long lasting, bottom line results in addition to sustainable, positive cultural shifts.